Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ghost Chile Chocolate Cupcakes

The Ghost Chile Chocolate Cupcakes are thus far the most intense cupcake I've ever attempted. My boyfriend picked some of these up at World Spice by Pike Place Market. We both liked the idea of adding this chile to a cupcake, so I began devising a way to "safely" add them to a batch.

According to World Spice:

The ghost chile, bhut jolokia, is a naturally occurring hybrid from the Assam region of NE India and move over red savina, it’s now officially the hottest chile on record and Guiness is willing to back us up on that. Not only does it pack a wallop of heat, (up to twice that of habanero), it has a rich flavor profile to go along with it. Hints of tomato and fruit will come through if it is USED IN MODERATION. So far we’ve made ghost chile chili, sweet potato pie and brownies with cream cheese swirl and all got rave reviews.
I made two versions of these cupcakes with huge success on the second batch. The heat was very intense, I couldn't eat more then one.


  1. They were delicious. The slow burn heat was amazing!

  2. Whoa! I'm not sure I could hang with a hot cupcake!

  3. These were awesome a little too hot for me. I'm keeping the recipe to myself because I have a good feeling these puppies will sell if I ever open up shop.